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Bouncing to the Ounce- Next, Jagged Edge and Zapp at the Las Vegas Soul Festival April 30, 2012

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If you weren’t in Vegas this weekend, you missed out on a R&B and jazz paradise. Up north at the Clark Ampitheatre, jazz greats were getting down and at the Orleans arena, old school met new school for a night of R&B fun. When I arrived, Phil Perry was on the stage, grooving the most 40+ crowd. Next up was Lenny Williams who was the lead singer of Tower of Power, bumping and grinding like a man half his age. He made the crowd laugh mostly singing lyrics that clearly implied he’s still getting lucky in his golden years. The group, Next, followed who did their hits “Wifey” and “Too Close”. Hadn’t heard from this band in a while so it was a blast from the 90’s past. Jagged Edge was on next doing songs like ” Let’s Get Married”, “Promise” and “Where The Party At?” which got the whole crowd up and dancing. Ending the show was the Zapp band, keeping the Troutman legacy alive featuring several family members. They resurrected classics like “Computer Love”, “More Bounce to the Ounce”, “Dance Floor” and “I Want to Be Your Man”, bringing me back to childhood when my dad had these records on repeat. There was an afterparty in the ballrooms below the venue that was hoping to lure concert attendees with a promise of “partying with the artists” but I passed on that to get ready for the next day’s festivities. Was a great start to a party weekend.

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