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Black Skin, Infinite Value- Cody ChesnuTT at the Echo May 21, 2012

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Discovering Cody ChesnuTT in Dave Chappelle’s Block Party a few years ago, I’d been waiting for a while to see him live. The dude who had modest hits with “Look Good in Leather” and the Roots collabo on his song, “The Seed” , was finally coming into town again. When I first heard him, what intrigued me about him is that he cut across the rock, folk and R&B genres bringing back 60’s and 70’s activism, peace and love, making him stand out among the others in the 00’s immediately.  Getting to the venue around 9:45 PM after an interesting walk through a tunnel, with a few homeless folks camped out for the night, the DJ played 70’s soul, setting the vibe for Cody.  The crowd was full of “cool kids”- artsy hipsters who wouldn’t be caught dead at a mainstream show, which was amusing.

Around 10:15 PM, Cody took the stage and performed for about 60 minutes, mostly new material which I assume will be on his new album, “Landing on a Hundred”, coming out sometime later this year. Encouraging crowd singing on some songs, he was very engaging, filling the space and moving around the stage frequently, making it seem twice as big as it was. Gone is the “Look Good in Leather” cocky-image projecting, smooth brother; a more, mellow family man extolling preserving love you have to work hard at, is what you’ll find now. Coming into the crowd to sing thank you for attending, I couldn’t help but wonder how he fit in as a songwriter at Death Row. Was a dope chill show and I wonder “what kind of cool will he think of next?”

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