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Electro birds flap, clap, sway and fly away- Theresa Andersson and Mwahaha at the Troubadour June 8, 2012

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Perused the Troubadour calender yet again ( yes, I am a live music freak/dork with internet access) and happily stumbled upon Theresa Andersson. Clicked on her links and discovered she was an impressive, barefoot one-woman band that I definitely wanted to check out. Have to admit I had a bias against electronics replacing real musicians, but as I heard she was a blend of 60’s soul sounds, pop, folk and dixieland jazz from her adopted New Orleans, my curiousity piqued. Mwahaha, an electronic pop group opened the show and the vibe initially started very laidback as the crowd seemed shy and took a while to loosen up. Towards the end of their 80’s “Weird Science meets Skrillex”  set, people started coming out of their shell and getting into the music.

Next came Theresa with her trademark pedals, drums, violin, tambourine, record player and guitar, I immediately wondered how she’d play all these things by herself. Playing her violin like a ukelele, she stomped, clapped, jammed on her tambourine and her lively spirit was infectious to which the crowd immediately responded. She looked like she was having a great time whether there was an audience there or not, which is the mark of my favorite type of artist, the type of person who loves to get down on stage regardless of who is there.  She did eventually include the audience, looping us singing two different choruses into a song, which was pretty cool.  As one might suspect, she has impeccable rhythm, as someone would to be right on the beat to use pedals properly and her drum beats were dope. Would love to see her collabo with a hip-hop artist as I could see her in that space with the right person. Had a great time, listening to her live discography, new and old as she simultaneously took us to NOLA Mardi Gras and Woodstock, which made me want to get a tambourine or an umbrella and join her joyous street parade.

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