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Last to Speak, First to Get Down- Allen Stone with The New Limb and Allensworth at the Observatory June 15, 2012

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Still in Lil Kim haze from the festivities the night before, I braved the Thursday LA traffic (which is worse than other days) to head down to the OC to see Allen Stone (yes, again). From the first show many moons ago at the Hotel Cafe, I loved the stage presence of the “son of the preacher man”. Why? Because you can see he feels every word, no matter what it is. If you’ve seen him live, you’ve seen it too. If not, you should.

Watching his videos on Youtube recently and hearing he will open for Rev. Al Green at the Greek soon, there’s an authenticity shining through, lighting the Hipster community aflame. Along with indie bands, The New Limb and Allensworth as opening acts, Allen kicked the mellow vibe up through the roof, doing songs from his self-titled album including my fav “Satisfaction”, “Sleep” and his trademark “Unaware”.  He even threw in some earlier songs like ” Figure It Out”, “Bed I Made”, “Running Game”, “Last To Speak” and decided to do my new fav cover “Sex and Candy” at the last minute.  My side of the room won the dancing competition, with one rhythmless guy cutting loose on every song with abandon (gotta respect that). Having another meet and greet after his show, the line was looong, and I would bet he spoke to each person, making that person feel appreciated. That takes skill. Am looking forward to his next album as I’ll vibe with him any day.



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