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About December 30, 2010

Was listening to music since I was in the womb and come from a line of very opinionated “keep it real” women.  That combo brought about me, Carlita. Here are my thoughts on the concerts I attend, music I listen to, movies I watch and art I patronize.  Music listening and writing are my passions so I get to do both here and for Music Emissions.  Follow me on Twitter, @Carlitamusik and check out my interview clips on Soundcloud at Come with me on my musical journey.


One Response to “About”

  1. Caroline Burt Says:

    Hey Carlita!

    I wanted to invite you to see R&B & Soul artist TaQuita Thorns at The Mint. I attached the flyer above.

    Here are the show details. Let me know if you’d like to come and I can put you on the guest list.

    Who- TaQuita Thorns
    Where- The Mint
    When- Sunday May 5 at 9:15pm

    Who is TaQuita Thorns? TaQuita is the Queen of Rock & Soul. Following her two shows on MTV (“Making the Band” and “The TaQuita and Kaui Show”), TaQuita Thorns released her new single “Believe (Power of Love)” and “Nobody But You.”

    Here is a link to here press kit:
    Password – T4QU7T4TH9NS

    Let me know if you might be interested in doing a show preview or coming out for a show review. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks in advance!

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